Evolution Aqua’s PURE range of products was launched almost 15 years ago and are now distributed throughout the world, but how do they work and how well do they work? So given the popularity of PURE, in this month's blog, we wanted to bring some answers to our readers including some examples of customer reviews who have given genuine feedback about using PURE.



Since its launch, the PURE range of products has rapidly become one of the top leading and favourite brands within the aquatic hobby winning many awards along the way as well as being #1 Best Seller in Category on Amazon.

PURE is a bacterial treatment for aquariums and ponds of all sizes. Inside every ball, there are millions of live beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Once added to your water, the live bacteria are slowly released when they are needed the most. The bacteria and enzymes inside each ball will then start to break down the ammonia, nitrite, and waste in your aquarium or pond leaving your water healthier and crystal clear. 

PURE is also available in gel format for both ponds and aquariums where the gel is added directly to the filter media to help colonise your filter and speed up the maturation of the filter media.




Today PURE represents a comprehensive range of beneficial bacteria products designed to help the hobbyist at the different stages of the journey; start-up, biological boost, maintenance, and treatment.

And available in a range of user-friendly formats and delivery methods so it's easy to dose; ball, bomb, and gel.

PURE for ponds

PURE for aquariums 






If you have just started in the hobby or have never used PURE before these might be some of the questions you are asking yourself; will using PURE help with my water clarity? will it help reduce maintenance?

We spoke with different customers to answer those questions.


PURE Pond Bomb Review

An Evolution Aqua reputable stockist, Avenue Fisheries tested PURE Pond Bomb on one of their ponds in-store. Recording a before shot of the pond, how it looked in real-time, and an after shot, after 24 hours of the PURE Pond Bomb being added into the pond.

The results are in the video below.


PURE Aquarium Review

A customer has taken the time to send us a letter; After keeping tropical fish for many years and now on his final tank, he is very knowledgeable about the hobby. Due to his disability, he only has the use of one arm but the simplicity of PURE allows him to simply drop the balls straight into the tank, also allowing him to extend his water changes from every four weeks to every six weeks. 

"I purchased two boxes of this product for trial purposes just over a month ago and put them to the test in my aquarium. My normal maintenance was changing a third of the water every four weeks. Dropping five balls into the tank every seventh day has kept the water crystal clear and seems to be encouraging the detritus to break down, to the extent that undertaking a third of the water change every four weeks, has allowed me to extend the period between changes, to six weeks. I would readily endorse your product as a superb product." Mr White.


PURE Aquarium Bomb Review

Our Australian distributor, Addicted2Fish had gifted a YouTube influencer a PURE Aquarium Bomb. The influencer did a review on PURE Aquarium Bomb, including packaging, the product itself, and how to use it. The PURE Aquarium Bomb was added into the first section of his sump in his 4ft and 5ft aquarium, here are the results from his 4ft aquarium. 

To view the full product review, click the link below.

Full product review





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