Why use a dechlorinator on your pond?

Dechlorinators are vital for ponds as they eliminate chlorine and chloramines contained in your tap water, substances harmful to fish and ecosystem balance.

By neutralizing these chemicals, dechlorinators safeguard aquatic life, maintain water quality, and prevent algae overgrowth. They're essential during water changes to ensure a safe environment for fish and other pond inhabitants.


What are the different types of dechlorinator? 

Liquid dechlorinators and in-line dechlorinators are two common forms of dechlorination methods. While liquid dechlorinators are cheaper initially, they offer only a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

Using liquid dechlorinators requires constant monitoring of pond chlorine levels and precise dosing, which can be time-consuming and challenging. There's a risk of underdosing, which could harm fish, or overdosing, resulting in wasted money.

In essence, liquid dechlorinators are not cost-effective and introduce unnecessary chemicals to the pond and its inhabitants, making them more of a hassle than a solution.

In-line dechlorinators may have a higher initial cost, but they offer a long-term solution without the need for constant calculations. Instead of dosing, they filter out harmful chemicals directly from the tap water, ensuring ideal conditions for fish.

They are proven to provide excellent water quality and are more cost-effective in the long run. Additionally, they require minimal labour compared to liquid dechlorinators.

Here is a table which represents some differences between Liquid dechlorinators and Evolution Aqua's detox In-line dechlorinator.


What is Evolution Aqua detox Dechlorinator?

The Evolution Aqua detox Dechlorinator offers a convenient solution for eliminating harmful chlorine and impurities from tap water. Also known as a water conditioner, it's perfect for initial fills, water changes, and maintaining water levels in ponds and aquariums. Unlike traditional methods, there's no waiting for chlorine to dissipate or using liquid treatments, our dechlorinator uses a high-capacity carbon for optimum chlorine removal.

Simply attach the unit to a garden hose or rigid pipe, and the high-grade activated carbon efficiently removes chlorine, chloramine, bromine, malachite green, dyes, humic acids, and more, ensuring clean and safe water for aquatic life. Connectors are included for easy setup and use.

In addition, in-line dechlorinators enable trickle top-ups, simplifying pond maintenance with effortless and adaptable water replenishment without needing to know dosage levels. For more information about our detox Dechlorinators. Click Here

2 sizes available

Recommended flow rate: 4 litres per minute.

The 30 inch high-grade activated carbon filter will treat up to*:
550,000 Litres / 122,083 U.K. Gallons / 146,615 U.S. Gallons

The 12 inch high-grade activated carbon filter will treat up to*:
225,000 Litres / 49,493 U.K. Gallons / 59,439 U.S. Gallons

*Maximum treatable water is based on incoming 0.5ppm chlorine.

What is the Most Cost Effective Dechlorinator from the leading brands?

Our detox Dechlorinators stand out as the most cost-effective among leading brands in the market.

Our 30-inch Dechlorinator treats a whopping 550,000 litres, making it the largest and most cost-effective option available. Priced at £124.95, it costs only £0.23 per 1000 litres.

But wait, there's more! The 12-inch model treats an impressive 225,000 litres, surpassing competitors in volume. Priced at £84.95, it runs at £0.37 per 1000 litres, ranking as the second most cost-effective in-line dechlorinator.

*Values for each, sourced from top two selling products on Amazon, 14-03-24