Air Clean Technology

What is Evolution Aqua Air Clean Technology?

Evolution Aqua filters with Air Clean Technology use open cell media and air to clean the filter providing a low-energy and cost effective solution.

Save Money
Keep your hands dry
Clear Water

A More Economical & Sustainable Cleaning Process

The short air cleaning cycle is implemented by introducing air into the filter to agitate the filter media pack in order to dislodge the dirt and fines.

Using air reduces the energy needed and minimises water used during cleaning, only the volume of the filter is emptied as a highly concentrated and manageable water waste.

The way the air is being introduced into the filter will vary depending on the filter and its application and is falling under 3 main categories: air blower, air pump or a patented siphon solution.

Each method integrates seamlessly across the range of Evolution Aqua pond filters; Surge, Tempest, EazyPod, Nexus and K+ Advanced Filters.

The Surge Filter uses Evolution Aqua's patented siphon solution to clean the media, much like the Tempest polisher. Nexus only needs one air pump which is used for its outer chamber (biological filtration) and to clean the inner chamber (mechanical stage) so no additional pump is required. And the range of pressure filters, K+ Advanced Filter, comes with a low-energy blower.

Air Clean Technology In Action

Siphon Cleaning

Tempest Polisher

Simply Turn Valves To Clean

Surge Filter

How Siphon Cleaning Works

Air Clean Technology uses open cell media and air to clean the filter providing a low energy and cost-effective solution. With the pump off, ball valves closed, and waste valve open, air is drawn into the filter. As air and water mix inside the filter, the media starts to move chaotically, dislodging the trapped waste. Dirty water then exits the bottom of the filter via the waste line, leaving clean media.


Air Pump Cleaning

Nexus Filters

Turn Air Pump On To Clean Media

EazyPod Filters

How Air Pump Cleaning Works

Air Clean Technology when used with air pumps provides effective cleaning of filter media by vigourously agitating the bed of media within water to dislodge trapped debris and waste. The loosened waste particles flush away as water drains to waste. As an added benefit with Nexus filters, the same air pump  used to power the moving bed is also used to clean the media. This is as easy as turning an air valve.


Air Blower Cleaning

K+ Advanced Filters

Turn Air Blower On To Clean

How Air Blower Cleaning Works

Air Clean Technology when used with air blowers provides powerful cleaning within K+Advanced pressure filters. The "boiling" effect inside the filter vessel ensures the filter media is completely cleaned during a backwash cycle whilst preserving the beneficial bacteria within the protected surface area of the open cell media. The dislodged debris is taken away with the waste water.



Save Money & Energy

Sponges, brushes and other similar filter media break down over time and are costly to replace. Our open cell media improves over time and never needs replacing offering significant savings over the lifetime of the filter. Open cell media alsoreduces the energy needed during operation, maintaining a constant flow and reducing back pressure on the pump.

Keep Your Hands Dry

When it comes to maintenance, screens, sponges and brushes frequently clog up requiring messy amd time-consuming cleaning. With Air Clean Technology, cleaning your filter is quick, easy and creates no mess, so you get to keep your hands clean and dry.

Crystal Clear & Healthy Water

Our open cell media traps waste particles down to 1 micron to effectively maintain crystal clear and healthy water.

The Benefits Of Open Cell Media

Maintaining Stable Bio-Films

The shape of our open cell media optimises the amount of “quiet zones” within the media where a stable bio-film can develop, also known as the Protected Surface Area. The cells within each piece of media and and fins around the outside enable microscopic organisms such as Rotifers and Vorticella to thrive. The bacteria and organisms that form within the bio-film ensure the media delivers optimum levels of biological filtration. Because of this Protected Surface Area, even when the media is cleaned, the bio-films remain in tact allowing biological filtration to be maintained.  


Reduces Back Pressure On Pumps

Design of all our open cell media means water can flow through the channels within the media, reducing the resistance on the pump, ultimately saving energy and running costs.

Media Air Cleaning

Outer Fins

The profile of all our filter media incorporates a number of “fins” around the outer surface of each piece. These fins not only help to trap waste, enabling quality filtration, but enable the waste to be easily removed when agitated during the cleaning cycles. Bio-films also constantly re-generate on the outer surface of the media further enhancing filtration.