Pure Aquarium Bacterial Products
Pure Aquarium Bacterial Products

Award winning aquarium bacterial products

Evolution Aqua’s PURE Aquarium award winning bacterial products provide beneficial bacteria for aquariums, maintaining crystal clear, healthy water whilst reducing maintenance for the fishkeeper.

From the unique gel ball delivery method of PURE Aquarium, PURE Aquarium Bomb and PURE Waste Remover to the easy to dose gel formulation of PURE+ Aquarium Filter Start Gel, there's a product to help you every step of the way. 

The PURE Aquarium range includes a 500ml size of PURE+ Filter Start Gel, PURE Aquarium in 6 balls, 25 balls, 50 balls, along with 50 ball packs of Waste Remover. There is also a PURE Aquarium Bomb and a marine specific product - PURE Reef Balance containing 60 balls.

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Pure+ Filter Start Gel
Pure Aquarium
Pure Aquarium Waste Remover
Pure Aquarium Bomb
Pure Aquarium Product Usage

Why use PURE Aquarium products?

Evolution Aqua’s PURE Aquarium bacterial products helps to speed up and maintain a stable nitrogen cycle in ponds. The beneficial bacteria and enzymes in PURE breaks down compounds like ammonia and nitrite, reducing them to less harmful compounds like nitrate. This results in crystal clear, healthy water and less stressed fish.

Pure Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

Where to use PURE Aquarium products?

Evolution Aqua’s PURE Aquarium products are designed to be easy to use in aquariums and filters. Use this diagram to see where we advise adding your PURE Aquarium product.

Where to use Pure Aquarium products

Frequently Asked Questions

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PURE Aquarium FAQs
What is PURE Aquarium?
PURE Aquarium is a live bacteria and enzymes in a unique gel ball delivery method.
How does PURE Aquarium work?
Bacteria are suspended in the ball until placed into aquarium water. When fish go in, ammonia is produced, and the bacteria leave the ball to feed on the fish waste. The ball shrinks and the bacteria coat the substrate, decoration and filter media. Other bacteria are also contained in Pure which clear...
Where do I place PURE Aquarium balls?
Ideally, place Pure Aquarium inside the filter, in an area that will contain it. You may need to use a filter bag to keep it in one place. Areas of water flow are best, and if you have to, you can drop Pure Aquarium straight into an aquarium containing small fish. Large fish over 15cm may try to eat...
Can I overdose PURE Aquarium?
No, but it does contain aerobic (oxygen demanding,) bacteria, so strong surface agitation and/or aeration from an airpump and airstone is encouraged.
Is there any PURE Aquarium left over when I use it?
Yes, Pure Aquarium balls shrink down over time leaving a small 5mm bead. This can be left in the filter with other filter media, or removed and discarded.
I can’t see Pure Aquarium Bomb in the packaging. Are you sure there is something in there?
Yes, an interesting optical illusion happens when Pure Aquarium is placed in water – it turns invisible! Pour the contents into a fish catching net and you’ll see the ball, then tip into the tank..
What’s the difference between Pure Aquarium and Pure Aquarium Bomb?
Pure Aquarium Bomb is best for set-up of a new aquarium and filter, and Pure Aquarium is best for regular addition and long term maintenance. Adding Pure aquarium into long established aquariums should see the water getting clearer and appearing more polished, within 24 hours..
Can my fish eat it PURE Aquarium?
Yes it is possible for a large fish to eat Pure. It is only gel and friendly bacteria, but it should be discouraged. For any fish that is large enough to ingest Pure Aquarium, either in its hydrated or shrunken form, place it into the filter and contain it.
I’ve added Pure Aquarium to my system and nothing has happened?
As soon as Pure Aquarium is placed into an aquarium with fish, and dechlorinated water of the correct temperature, something will happen. Bacteria will leave the ball in their millions and seed the aquarium. You can’t see them but they are there and working, and Pure’s bacteria has been independently...
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