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KIEN PRO is acomplimentary food additive for Koi.
It compensates for important nutrients that are lost in the production process of granular feed.
The improved KIEN PRO helps to aid your fish during digestion.

The unique mix of herbs, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, carbohydratesand minerals/trace elements and probiotics and enzymes will allow all organs involved in digestion to function in harmony.

Also, the beneficial microorganisms will eagerly use the enzymes and herbs that are in the KIEN PRO.

Product information


  Use Kien Pro all year round, even in winter

  Monthly: 25ml / 1000L pond water

  At temperature below 12°C: Monthly 50ml / 1000L pond water

  For eating or metabolic problems: One-time 100ml / 1000L pond water


Product pack sizes


Available in the following pack sizes:

  0.5L will treat 20,000 litres of pond water

  1L will treat 40,000 litres of pond water

  2.5L will treat 100,000 litres of pond water



Pond Brochure

Pond Brochure

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