Introducing PURE Sludge Bomb and PURE Pond Duo Pack, the new additions to Evolution Aqua's PURE Pond product range.

PURE Sludge Bomb

Excessive sludge build-up can cause imbalances in the pond ecosystem leading to several issues such as algae blooms, reduced water quality, reduced oxygen levels, odour and aesthetics.

PURE Sludge Bomb contains millions of beneficial bacteria and natural enzymes that rapidly break down and digest sludge and organic waste.  Read more

PURE Pond Duo Pack

This new duo pack contains 1 x PURE Sludge Bomb and 1 x PURE Pond Bomb providing the perfect combination to improve the water quality in your pond.

Each product has been formulated to contain specific strains of bacteria and enzymes that digest sludge and boost water clarity. Each product can be used on its own to achieve specific results or used together for an effective, all-natural pond treatment. Read more

How to use the products?

Simply drop the PURE Sludge Bomb and Pond Bomb balls with the activating gel directly into your pond or filter. Each Bomb ball is effective on ponds up to 20,000 litres.

Where to buy? 

Both new products are available now from Evolution Aqua stockists. Find your local dealer