Pond FAQs

My evouv appears to be leaking from the end fittings?
This could possibly be caused by an incorrectly fitted, damaged or overtightened O-Ring on the quartz sleeve. Please check the quartz sleeve O-Ring, reposition it or if necessary replace it with a new one. Follow the steps on page 14 in the manual to...
How can I insulate my unit for the cold weather?
The key thing is to make sure the UV is never turned off. The unit could be wrapped in loft insulation and then a waterproof membrane if you live in a very cold area.
What size evoUV do I need for my pond?
For help choosing the correct UV that is suitable for your pond. Please see the table below.
Which side is the inlet and outlet on my evouv?
The inlet and outlet can be installed either left (Inlet) to right (Outlet) or right (Inlet) to left (Outlet).
What do I need to reduce a 110W evouv from 2" to 1.5"
If you intend to use flexible hose, you would need: 2 x 2-1.5’’ reducing bushes – EA Code: R81-063 2 x 1.5’’ pressure to waste sleeves – EA Code: M35-050 2 x 1.5’’ solvent hosetails – EA Code: HOSETAIL15If you intend to use pressure pipe, you would...
How do I change the T8 Sockets and Black End Caps?
Watch the step by step video below to learn how to change the T8 Sockets and Black End Caps on an evoUV. The Same process would follow for both old and new versions of our evoUV's
How do I change the ballast on a pre-2021 evouv?
To change the ballast on a pre-2021 evouv watch the video below for the step-by-step process.
Can the Varipump be used with Nexus and EazyPod automatics?
Yes, the Varipump is ideal for using with either the Nexus or EazyPod automatic.
Does the Varipump come supplied with a plug?
What size fuse do I need for a Varipump?
As all the Varipumps use less than 700watts so 3 amp fuse is suitable.
How long is the power cable on a Varipump?
The cable from the mains to the control box is 2metres, the cable from the control box to the pump is 10metres, this makes the total length 12metres.
Can the Varipump control box be kept outside?
The control box is weather/rain proof and can be kept outside, it MUST NOT be submerged in water.
Can the Varipump be used as a dry pump?
Yes, the Varipump is suitable to use as a dry pump on a gravity fed system, the pump is not self-priming so a non-return valve needs to be used if the water level is below the pump.
If I am using rigid pipework what fittings are required the plumb the Varipump in?
You will need two unions to plumb the Varipump to rigid pipework, the Varipump 10000 takes 1½" threaded fittings and the 20000 and 30000 both require 2". Buy the Single Union Threaded Female to Plain Female
How do I clean the Varipump?
To clean the Varipump, follow the steps below or watch our YouTube video here: Step 1: Hold pump by the handle and remove the inlet strainer basket Step 2: Using a Phillips screwdriver, undo the four screws at the base of the pump body Step 3: ...
My Varipump has no flow?
Check the pump is wired correctly, the fuse has not blown and the pump his switched on at the controller. If using the pump dry, make sure it is primed Ensure any valves in the pipework are open If using a non-return valve verify the orientation...
Why is my Varipump noisy?
Verify airtight plumbing on the suction plumbing especially fittings! Clean out leaves or other debris from basket strainer (if applicable). Increase pipe size where possible. Decrease suction pipe length, reduce the number of elbows, etc Verify...
How long is the Varipump guarantee?
This product is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase, under normal usage. The guarantee DOES NOT APPLY in case of improper use, negligence, lack of maintenance or accidental damage to the pump...
A fault code is displayed on the Varipump controller
The controller can display a fault code if the pump develops a problem. Download the fault code troubleshooting guide at the bottom of this page to identify the issue. The fault codes are: E01 = Pump is out of water > The pump is working without...
Are Varipumps self-priming?
No it is not self-priming. It will need to be placed below the water level.
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