I have an Ammonia and / or Nitrite reading.

A typical filter can take approximately 8 weeks to mature. During this time Ammonia and Nitrite levels will rise and fall. This process can be accelerated by using PUREPOND. If you still experience Ammonia and Nitrite readings after this period of time, check the following:

  • Nexus is adequately sized for the pond.
  • Check flow rate is correct - ensure the pond water is being turned over through the Nexus every 2 to 3 hours without exceeding the maximum flow of the unit. • Check chlorine levels of tap water and pond water - ensure a dechlorinator is used on mains water top ups.
  • Ensure pond water pH is above 7. If it is above pH 7 keep it as stable as possible.
  • Check feeding and stocking rates of pond
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