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Do I need a high pressure circulation pump for my K+ Advanced Filter?
No, one of the great advantages of the K+Advanced Filters is they produce very little back pressure, so you can use a lower wattage pump saving you money!
What is the recommended flow rate for the K+Advanced Filter?
We specify optimum flow rates for the K+Advanced Filters: - 6,000 litres per hour for the 20" K+Advanced Filter - 12,000 litres per hour for the 24" K+Advanced Filter - 18,000 litres per hour for the 30" K+Advanced Filter - 30,000 litres per hour for...
Do I need to use a pre-filter with K+ Advanced Filter?
Whilst a pre-filter such as the Cetus Sieve will reduce the cleaning frequency of the K+Advanced Filter, it is not a requirement.
Can I use the K+Advanced Filter as a stand alone filtration system?
Yes, the K+Advanced Filters are designed to be used with or without a pre-filter.
Can I fit a K+Advanced Filter on a surface skimmer?
Yes, the K+Advanced Filters are ideal for use on skimmer lines.
What is the maximum flow rate of the K+Advanced Filters?
The maximum flow is dictated by the pond size, there is no maximum flow rate specified, however we advise optimum flow rates.
How often will the filter need cleaning?
Typically in summer the filter will require cleaning once or twice a week, however every pond if different and cleaning requirement will vary depending on stocking density, exposure to sun and other variables.
Why is my water dirty when I'm using a K+ Advanced Filter?
1. Insufficient filtration time2. Low flow3. Dirty filter requires rinsing and backwashing4. Pump has blocked.5. Inlet line is blocked.6. Pump is not primed.7. Incorrect water chemistry. Check pH and other water readings. Check UV is working correctly...
Why do I need to clean my filter more often?
Too much algae. Excessive water flow and pressure. Check pump size. Overloaded with fish. Excessive feeding. Filter blocked through calcium.
Above normal or excessive force is needed to operate the multi-port valve of my K+ Advanced Filter
Scoring or jamming with foreign matter or debris. If this condition persists after rinsing, disassemble the valve to clear. Continued operation may result in leaking due to damage to the multi-port valve (spider gasket). See dealer or installer.
My filter media has gelled / stuck together in my K+ Advanced Filter
filter medi
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