Pond FAQs

Does the Cetus Sieve need to be installed above the water level?
If the Cetus Sieve is installed on a gravity fed system it will need to be level with the surface of the pond (please refer to the manual). If the Cetus Sieve is installed on a pump-fed system it will need to be above the surface of the pond, if not ...
Why do you need balance pipe for a Cetus Sieve?
If the Cetus Sieve is installed on a system with a biological filter such as a Nexus, the balance pipe ensures that neither the Cetus or biological filter do not overflow.
Why do I need two pumps for a Cetus Sieve?
If the Cetus Sieve is installed on a system with a biological filter such as a Nexus, you will need two pumps to install the Cetus Sieve as recommended, this ensure the optimal performance of both the Cetus and biological filter. If the Cetus is...
What does an evoUV do?
UV Clarifiers clear green water which is caused by single celled green algae and prevent it from returning.
Where do I install the evoUV?
Usually the UVC will be the first piece of equipment after the circulation pump. On a pump fed filtration system this means the UVC will be installed before the pond filter, and on a gravity fed filter after the circulation pump that returns the water...
What is the length of the power cable on an evoUV?
The length of the power cable for UK models is 2.2metres.
How often do I need to replace the lamp on an evoUV
We recommend changing the lamp at the beginning of each year.
What fittings are required to plumb the evoUV in?
The 15,25,30,55 and 75watt models come supplied with 1.5" hosetails, you can also hard plumb using 1.5" BSP male fittings. You can find these fittings at the following links single-union-threaded-male-to-plain-female converter-threaded-male-to-plain...
Do evouv's come with bulbs?
Yes, bulbs and quartz sleeves are included in the box when you purchase an evoUV
Are the bulbs and quartz sleeves pre-fitted on an evoUV?
Are UV rays harmful?
What is an evouv quartz sleeve?
It’s a tube that looks like it’s made of glass, which separates the pond water running through the unit, from the bulb. It’s very delicate, like glass, and should be handled with extreme care. Quartz sleeves should be cleaned regularly to ensure that...
Why is there no plug on my evouv?
evoUV adheres to UK pond equipment laws, and requires that it is wired into a safe, compliant, outdoor electrical system, ideally with an RCD cut-off. If you are unsure, consult a qualified electrician.
My green water isn’t clearing. Why?
Check that bulb is connected properly, and that the unit is wired in correctly, and on. UV should be on for 24 hours per day. Consult the recommended flow rates on the packaging. If water flow through the unit is too great, the contact time with the ...
What replacement bulbs should I buy for my evouv?
Evolution Aqua distribute and recommend Osram, a world leader in UVC technology. Obtain these from an authorised Evolution Aqua dealer.
Are evoUVs suitable for saltwater?
Yes, all The evoUV clarifiers are suitable for saltwater, the Aquarium UV Sterilizer is made specifically for marine aquariums and is available in 15 and 25watt versions with additional fittings for connection to typical aquarium circulation...
How do I set-up and install an evoUV?
You can follow the step by step instructions located in the manual below or you can watch our YouTube video here: evoUV ManualWatch how to install an evoUV:
My pond water is not clear, is this due to the evoUV not working correctly?
Koi, goldfish and other pond inhabitants can cause murky water by stirring up the bottom of the pond. This murky water should not be confused with suspended algae. Always check all your pond filtration is working and is being maintained correctly prior...
My UV Bulb is not lit on my evouv, what should I do?
You need to investigate the power to your unit. Has your RCD tripped? If yes, check your wiring and reset. Examine the UV bulb for signs of failure, and replace if necessary. Is the UV bulb fitted correctly? Unscrew the end caps and ensure correct...
My UV was working but my pond has gradually been turning green, why?
Quartz sleeve may have become dirty and requires cleaning. Also make sure you have the right model for your pond size. Ensure your pond filtration is removing fish waste and debris efficiently. Dirt in ponds will affect the efficiency of the evoUV. Check...
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