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These FAQs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our products and services.


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Pond FAQs
How do I replace the waste ball valve on my EazyPod
If you have one of the Mk1 EazyPods with a ball valve, you will need to buy a Single Union Ball Valve and a EazyPod Tank Connector.
How do I change the electromagnet on an Airpump?
To change the electromagnet on your airpump, follow the steps below or watch our YouTube video here:
Do I need a high pressure circulation pump for my K+ Advanced Filter?
No, one of the great advantages of the K+Advanced Filters is they produce very little back pressure, so you can use a lower wattage pump saving you money!
Why is the water level in the Nexus outer chamber much lower than in the inner chamber?
• The pump could be too powerful, so the Nexus+ is being emptied before the pond refills it by gravity. • There could be a blockage in the transfer port between the inner and chamber and the outer chamber. You need to back flush it. You can download...
What size pump do I need for my Nexus?
Maximum recommended flow on the 220 is 10,000lph and the 320 is 13,000lph, however suggested flow rates are lower. Slower is better for fine removal and clearer water. Aim to turn over your pond volume every two to three hours. The Evolution Aqua Varipump...
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Aquarium FAQs
I’ve added Pure Aquarium to my system and nothing has happened?
As soon as Pure Aquarium is placed into an aquarium with fish, and dechlorinated water of the correct temperature, something will happen. Bacteria will leave the ball in their millions and seed the aquarium. You can’t see them but they are there and ...
How does PURE Aquarium work?
Bacteria are suspended in the ball until placed into aquarium water. When fish go in, ammonia is produced, and the bacteria leave the ball to feed on the fish waste. The ball shrinks and the bacteria coat the substrate, decoration and filter media. Other...
Where do I place PURE Aquarium balls?
Ideally, place Pure Aquarium inside the filter, in an area that will contain it. You may need to use a filter bag to keep it in one place. Areas of water flow are best, and if you have to, you can drop Pure Aquarium straight into an aquarium containing...
What is PURE Aquarium?
PURE Aquarium is a live bacteria and enzymes in a unique gel ball delivery method.
Can I overdose PURE Aquarium?
No, but it does contain aerobic (oxygen demanding,) bacteria, so strong surface agitation and/or aeration from an airpump and airstone is encouraged.
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Service & Delivery FAQs
What are your opening hours?
Opening Hours Evolution Aqua’s opening hours are 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Please note our head office and factory in Wigan are not open to members of the public.
Where can I find a warranty form?
Please use the link provided to access our warranty form page. Evolution Aqua Warranty Form
How long does my warranty last?
If your product develop a fault under warranty, a validy proof of purchase will be required to make a claim. You must first contact the original place of purchase for a warranty claim. It is important that you store your proof of purchase during your...
How much is delivery?
Please use the link below to check our shipping and delivery page for full information on cost and lead time. Shiping and delivery
What is your website return policy?
Our website return policy can be found using the following link: Website return policy page
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