What is Nexus Automatic?

The Automatic is a separate system which can be fitted to Nexus filters, to enable automatic cleaning. By combining timers and automatic valves, Nexus can be converted and set to clean itself, as little or as often as required. It can be set to clean at night or while you are on holiday, and once set it means total hands-off cleaning. The more your filter is cleaned, the more that waste is removed from the system before being broken down. That means a cleaner pond, cleaner filter and healthier water.

The Automatic System can be fitted to all Nexus models manufactured after 2006, and both gravity fed or pump fed models. It can be fitted by the user or a pond filter installer. The Automatic system still requires a Nexus, airpump and a water pump, along with a power supply. During cleaning the Nexus will expel dirty water to waste, so an auto top-up fitted to the pond (not supplied,) is advised if the filter is set to clean frequently.

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