Pond FAQs

My Nexus is blocked with media/debris between the eazy and the main chamber
To clear the block you will need to drain down the outer chamber and clear the kiss points with a small flat screwdriver.You will then need to refill the filter, the media should float up so it can remove by hand.
Can I retrofit a Nexus
It is possible to retrofit a Nexus. However this cannot be done for an Eazypod.
My media is not circulating as good as what it was in the outer chamber of my Nexus.
You will need to check to see if your Airpump is working as it should be. The airline holes may have become blocked with limescale. To rectify this you will need to drain down the outer section and check the airline for any blockages.
How often do I need to change the media in my Nexus?
You should never need to change the media in your filter. You can add more to the outer chamber of your filter if required. Please see question 4 for more information before adding more.
How much water is drained to waste from my Nexus during a cleaning cycle?
In a Nexus 220+ 140 litres of water is drained to waste. In a Nexus 320+ just under 200 litres of water is drained to waste.
What is Nexus Automatic?
The Automatic is a separate system which can be fitted to Nexus filters, to enable automatic cleaning. By combining timers and automatic valves, Nexus can be converted and set to clean itself, as little or as often as required. It can be set to clean...
How can I extend the draining time of my Nexus Automatic?
You first need to remove the sticker of the far right side box and change the last dial with a small screwdriver from 50% to 40%, this will extend the cleaning time by one minute.
There is no power to the Nexus control box.
Check the wiring is correctly installed. Seek advice from a suitably qualified electrician if in doubt. Check the mains connection to the control box. Seek advice from a suitably qualified electrician if in doubt. Check the fuses inside the control...
How can I locate the fuse in the Nexus control box?
These are located alongside the timer blocks within their own hinged compartments. The fuses are all standard glass fuses; 10 Amp, 5 Amp, 2 Amp, 2 Amp from left to right.Please see the image below, this is where you can locate the fuses.
How do I set a Nexus Automatic to clean at a set time each day?
As its an analogue timer the cleaning frequency will be purely based on time so for example once every 24h, you can dictate the time by pressing manual clean at say 6pm and then it will automatically clean at 6pm the following day. On a twice a day clean...
Nexus Automatic does not close waste valve
To locate the issue you will need to:Check the relay furthest on the right in the auto box -Check the fuse - Does it light up during a cleaning cycle?If the relay is working as it should, you will need to check the motor. If it’s under warranty you will...
Can an old EazyPod be adapted to take smaller K1 Micro?
Yes, 18 litres of K1 Micro can be used. No adaptations are necessary. K1 Micro offers increased surface area and may provide clearer water.
Can EazyPod be upgraded to automatic cleaning?
No, the EazyPod Automatic is configured differently and would have to be purchased separately.
Is EazyPod a complete filtration system? Will I need anything else?
EazyPod is a complete mechanical and biological filter, trapping debris and breaking down biological waste from fish. A basic EazyPod on its own is not supplied with a pump (to pump water to it from the pond,) or an airpump, to clean it. You’ll also ...
What is EazyPod Automatic?
EazyPod Automatic is an EazyPod which can automatically clean its own media. Available with or without UVC, EazyPod Automatic has a control box which can be set by the user to clean itself on a timer, as little or as often as they require. EazyPod Automatic...
Can EazyPod be run gravity-fed?
The EazyPod and EazyPod Air can be converted to gravity feed, there are instructions on how to do this in the EazyPod manual which can be downloaded here. The EazyPod Complete and Automatic EazyPods cannot be gravity fed.
Can EazyPod Automatic be gravity-fed?
No, it’s not possible to run EazyPod Automatic as a gravity fed filter. The Nexus 220 and 320 can be gravity fed with the addition of the Automatic upgrade
Media is escaping and being discharge to waste when cleaning my Eazypod
This can happen if the outer steel mesh is slightly out of position, this sometimes happens during transit, remove all of the media from the biological chamber (this will stop any media becoming trapped when you tap the mesh back into place), with a ...
I want to recess the EazyPod away from the pond. How do I do that?
EazyPod comes with a rubber connector which allows 4” rigid pipe to be fitted. Place the EazyPod where you want it away from the pond (the base of a pump-fed EazyPod must always be above surface of pond level, gravity fed installations the EazyPod should...
Can an EazyPod feed a waterfall?
Only if it is at the top, behind the waterfall. Water exits a pump-fed EazyPod via gravity. It cannot then travel up hill, as the EazyPod would flood. If the EazyPod is installed as a gravity-fed filter it can feed without any alterations.
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