A fault code is displayed on the Varipump controller

The controller can display a fault code if the pump develops a problem. Download the fault code troubleshooting guide at the bottom of this page to identify the issue.

The fault codes are:

E01 = Pump is out of water > The pump is working without water.

E02 = Over current > Abnormal load over current protection. Please pull out the power plug and re-plug again.

E03 = Default phase > Bad contact or loose connection in the motor.

E04 = Issue with power cable connecting pump to the control box > Check the cable for signs of visible damage. Or there maybe a loose connection inside the control box. Disconnect the pump from the mains, unscrew the control box and check the connections. If the connections are fitted and pump still does not work, the control box may need changing.

E05 = Impeller stuck > Rotation clogging protection, if the pump still not working after restart for three times, please re-plug the power. Or clean the impeller (refer to manual).

E06 = Over voltage > Over voltage protection when the working voltage is higher than the rated voltage.

E07 = Under voltage > Low voltage protection when the working voltage is lower than the rated voltage.

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