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Fully servicable Purge Filters for commercial applications

The Purge Filter is a revolutionary patent pending, virtually maintenance free filtration system that challenges traditional labour-intensive filtration methods. Casco Pet wanted to address the issue of labour intensive system cleaning in their customer’s stores and after many years of research, they have a product that truly revolutionises the industry.

Casco Pet is exclusive worldwide distributor of Purge filter for commercial livestock systems.

Casco Commercial Folder


Designed to fit on the back of Casco Pet fish racks the Purge Filter automatically purges waste from the system on a programmable timer and filters out all impurities and detritus. It does this using a new form of bio media; the K1 micro media which has been tested extensively by the IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séperatives) who are the leading independent accredited laboratory in Europe who specialise in water filtration. The test proved that the Purge Filter successfully reduced turbidity by up to 93.7% and reduced system power consumption.

The pressure of the water flowing through the system also cleans the filtration media and backwashes the waste making it a fully autonomous system as well as reducing water consumption, chemical usage, and heating.

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