Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Aquarium

Yes, Pure Reef Balance can be used in Fish Only, Fish with Live Rock, and Reef tanks containing corals and invertebrates.

You can use it to seed a brand new aquarium with beneficial bacteria, to kick-start ceramic media or ceramic rock, or as a regular addition of new bacteria to established tanks.

Ideally, place Pure Reef Balance inside the filter, in an area that will contain it. You may need to use a filter bag to keep it in one place. Areas of water flow are best, and if you have to, you can drop Pure Reef Balance straight into an aquarium containing small fish. Large fish over 15cm may try to eat it, which should be discouraged.

Yes, reactors are a great way of providing flow to the bacteria, and dispersing the bacteria into media, and the main system. Pure Reef Balance will dissolve within hours of being added to a fluidised reactor, and can be added to Bio Pellet reactors too. .

Pure Reef Balance is itself Probiotic, but different bacteria can compete. Its best used as the only form of bacteria dosing.

No, the opaque, white gel balls shrink down until a 5mm bead is left. This can be left I the system where it will act like biological media, or removed.

In sump based systems add it to refugia, or reactors, or place inside a net bag, in an area that receives water flow. Pure Reef Balance can be added straight to the aquarium, or in any filter section, but balls should be prevented from access to pump cages and strainers as they will be drawn in and stick to the strainer, potentially blocking flow.

Fish of 10cm plus may lunge at ingest the balls if presented in a way that imitates the food that they are usually fed. They only contain bacteria, enzymes and gel, but this should be discouraged. Place into screened filter sections instead.

No, but the bacteria is aerobic, meaning it requires, and uses, oxygen. There would be a risk of oxygen levels being depleted if massively overdosed. Aquariums running protein skimmers and with high turnover are best.