Frequently Asked Questions

Kessil is a brand name of Di-Con – an American company which specialises in design and manufacture of LED lights for everything from photography and filming, to aquariums and horticulture.

As a general rule, 1 x A160WE Tuna Blue lights 45x45x45cm and 1 x A360WE Tuna Blue lights 60x60x60cm. 1 x A360X lights up to 90x60x60cm or 75x75x75cm, and an A360 Narrow lights 45x45x75cm. An AP700 lights up to 120x60x60cm, and the A80 Tuna Blue lights 35x35x35cm. All of the above would be adequate for coral growth over those areas, but for very light demanding situations, more lamps can be used.

The eaFreshwater range of aquariums come pre-fitted with 2 x Natural Sun, but you could add a All Kessil lights can be controlled on the top of the lamp with a knob which controls brightness, and another which controls spectrum. The AP700 has touch capacitive buttons. In order to have the lights come on at timed intervals they will require a simple plug in light timer or the Kessil Spectral Controller. The Spectral Controller and Spectral Controller X allow advanced control settings meaning that the light can come on at time intervals, but also fade and dim to your requirements, and to your spectral requirements throughout the day. The Spectral Controller X also unlocks extra colour control on the new A360X lights.


The AP700 can connect straight to Wi-Fi or a mobile or tablet for advanced control, without the need for additional hardware.

The small A80 is passively cooled with a built-in heat sink, but all other lamps are actively cooled with built in fans. This enables a very high output of light from a small area.

All Kessil products are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. Kessil lamps or controllers are not waterproof, so if dropped in water or splashed, causing damage, units are inspected and claims not entertained.

Kessil is famous in the aquatics industry for its gooseneck mounts. These are bendy, flexible mounting arms which can clamp to a tank rim in a number of ways, and then the light pointed to where it’s needed. For those who crave a neater solution, the Mounting Arm is a rigid, right angled mounting bracket which is length and height adjustable. It can also have the power and control cables routed internally, keeping them out of sight. Extra 90 degree adaptors and brackets are also available for both the Mounting Arm and Gooseneck, enabling even more options, and AP700, A160, A360 and A360X can all be used with the above mounting options, as well as being hung independently and not mounted to the tank. The A80 can be mounted inside a box style hood with supplied bracket, or comes with a free mini gooseneck in the UK. Apart from the A80, all mounting devices are available to purchase separately.

The A360X has a Narrow Reflector (launched March 2019,) which will focus the beam, and a Wi-Fi dongle and diffusor lens are also expected for the future. All will be available separately.