eaMedications - two step dose formula - kinder for fish

Professional medications for Koi

Introducing Evolution Aqua’s brand new range of professional medications for Koi. This range of powerful, active medications are aimed at Koi keepers who need to take care of their prized Koi Carp when bacterial, fungal or parasitic diseases arise.

Fully VMD approved, the eaMedications range includes Malachite Green, Formaldehyde, FMG Mix and Acriflavine, available in 500ml and 1litre bottles. There are also two topical treatments for Koi Carp, Wound Cleaner and Sedative, available in 100ml bottles.

Two step dose - Kinder to fish


eaMedications have a powerful and effective two step dosing formula that makes dosing kinder to fish whilst maintaining a higher level of active ingredient in the pond.

The first dose is administered on day 1, allowing the fish to acclimatise to the treatment. An additional dose is added on day 4 to ensure the levels of active ingredients remain higher in the pond for longer.

This reduces stress, as fish aren't exposed to an aggressive treatment from the start, and the treatment is more effective over the duration of the illness lifecycle.

All eaMedications undergo full quality control testing before they are bottled to ensure the formulations are consistently of the highest quality, all delivered by a brand you can trust.


Two Step Dose Formula

Powerful active formulation


With the two step dosing formula, the concentration of active ingredient in the pond is higher for longer. With competitor medications, the amount of active ingredient starts to decrease as the treatment days progress. eaMedications maintain andincrease efficacy levels for much longer.


Key Features


  • 6 professional medications for Koi Carp
  • Treats common bacterial, fungal infections and parasitic conditions
  • Less aggressive for fish with the two step dosing process
  • Two step dose ensures treatment is present to attack vulnerable stages of the illness lifecycles
  • powerful active formulations and ingredients
  • Fully VMD approved and quality controlled
  • Tamper proof bottles with dosing caps
  • WMD approved medications



    Anti-parasite treatment for Koi


    Malachite Green

    Anti-fungal and anti-parasite treatment for Koi

    FMG Mix

    FMG Mix

    Anti-parasite and fungus treatment for Koi



    Anti-bacterial treatment for Koi

    Koi Sedative


    Reduces fish stress to allow examinations to take place

    Wound Cleaner

    Wound Cleaner

    Topical treatment for Koi

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    ea Medication FAQs
    Why do you need to dose twice with eaMedications?
    Dosing is kinder on fish – 2 step dosing acclimates fish for higher active dose rate. Dose on day 1 and again on day 4. Some parts of illness lifecycles cannot be killed so active ingredients need to be high for a longer period to attack these parts when the vulnerable part comes around. White spot...
    How long do I need to wait before I can treat with eaMedications again?
    You can repeat the dose, or treat the pond with an alternative treatment 7 days after the last dose has finished, following a 20% water change.
    Do I need to switch of my UV when using eaMedications?
    Yes, the UV will weaken the strength of the treatment and make it less effective
    Are eaMedications safe to use with Sturgeon, Tench or Orfe?
    No, only use eaMedications with Koi Carp
    Should I add extra aeration when using eaMedications?
    Yes, always aerate the pond or treatment bath during use.
    Can I mix medications?
    Only Formaldehyde and Malachite can be used together, wait 7 days after the final dose, and do a 20% water change before re-dosing, or treating with an alternative medication
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