Octo VarioS Pumps

VarioS 2

VarioS 2

VarioS 4

VarioS 4

VarioS 6

VarioS 6

VarioS 8

VarioS 8

Features & Benefits

  1. Controller module with 5 variable speed control settings
  2. Ultra quiet operation
  3. High quality ceramic shaft and bearing a more durable and quieter operation
  4. In-built circulating and intricate cooling mechanism for prevention of overheating of the rotor and pump
  5. Auto shutdown system upon detection of electric circuit abnormalities
  6. Safer operations with working voltage of 24V
  7. Warranty:
  8. 1 year for rotor.
  9. 2 years for pump.


VarioS Circulation Pump

Similar to the VarioS Skimmer Pump, this VarioS circulation pump features a detachable controller, high quality ceramic shaft and bearing to reduce wear and tear, and the latest variable speed flow technology for refined control, enhanced performance, energy-efficiency and safer operations.

Unlike the vast majority of circulation pumps which uses alternating current (AC), our VarioS pump boasts several key advantages over traditional AC pumps, namely, higher energy efficiency, safer operations at a working voltage of 24V, less heat produced with every volume of water flow and most notably, the variable speed control to adjust the water flow rates.

Enhanced Control

With the bespoken controller, users have full control over the flow rates by selecting amongst five preset speed settings; indicated by five lit LEDs. A 15 or 60 minute feed mode can also be engaged or disengaged with the push of a button.

In addition, a rotatable volute allows users to adjust the output orientation horizontally or vertically (up or down), depending on their needs.

Under normal usage, VarioS pump has an expected lifespan/product life expectancy of 10 years.

Available in 4 models – VarioS 2 ,VarioS 4, VarioS 6, VarioS 8 .

Note: This is not a pressure-rated pump. This pump is not for second floor applications or to feed Beckett or downdraft skimmers where constant pressure is required.


1 year for rotor.

2 years for pump.

What's included

Circulation Pump
Article CodeItems
Pump Body1
Power Adapter1
Power Cable1
Betwork Cable1
Flow Switch1
aO Ring1
bUnion A1
cUnion B1
dUnion C1
eO Ring1
fUnion A1
gUnion B1
hUnion C1
iIntake Screen1
jBard Fitting1
kScrew Cap1
nAir Tube-


ProductPowerWet/DryPowerMax Head HeightMax Flow RateConnection SizeFreash/Marine
VarioS 2DC24VBoth25413.13000659ø32(1″)ø32(1″)Both
VarioS 4DC24VBoth404.514.74000879ø40(1-1/4″)ø32(1″)Both
VarioS 6DC36VBoth704.916.065001432ø40(1-1/4″)ø40(1-1/4″)Both
VarioS 8DC36VBoth985.718.7100002203ø40(1-1/4″)ø40(1-1/4″)Both

VarioS Pump Parts

eSsense 130 Protein Skimmer

Controller Manual

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