Classic Protein Skimmer - Straight Body


Classic 110-S Straight Body

Classic 150

Classic 150-S Straight Body


  1. Ultra compact, superior performance
  2. Aquatrance pumps specifically made for protein skimmers
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Output designed for bubble-free outflow
  5. Quiet operation
  6. High quality hand-made acrylic construction
  7. Trusted by professionals and hobbyists
  8. Warranty:2 years*
  9. 2 years - Pump motor only
  10. 1 year - all other parts


Featuring a small footprint, the OCTO series Classic space saving skimmer. (Classic-S) is an in-sump protein skimmer ideal for aquariums with limited sump space. It is run by our very own AQ pump , encased in a solid acrylic body, can be easily disassembled for maintenance and does not require a feed pump as it draws water directly from the sump.

Available for 2 models – Classic 110-S and Classic 150-S features a straight body with a vented valve output .

Warranty:2 years* – pump motor only

2 years - Pump motor only

1 year - all other parts

What's included

Article CodeItemsClassic 110-SClassic 150-S
Model NoQtyModel NoQty
aTop Cover-1-1
bCollection Cup-1-1
cO Ring-1-1
dSkimmer Body-1-1
fAdjusting Pipe-1-1
gO Ring-1-1
h"T" Part-1-1
jBubble Plate-1-1
kBubble Skimming Chamber-1-1
mAquatrance Skimmer PumpAQ-1000S1AQ-2000S1
nBase of Skimmer-1-1
pAir Hose-1-1


ProductWet DryPump PowerCup DiameterNeck DiameterFootprintHeightOutput SizeTank Volume
  WWmminchmminchmminchmminch LGal
Classic 110-SWet891204.7602.42001557.96.148519.10ø32mm (1″)500109
Classic 150-SWet17181505.9803.22401859.57.353020.90ø40mm (1-1/1/4″)800176

Skimmer Pump

ProductModel No.Wet/DryAir IntakePowerMaximum Flow RateConnection Size (outlet)
Classic 110-SAQ-1000SBoth42092454100893507735077ø25(3/4″)
Classic 150-SAQ-2000SBoth7201587191581718750164750164ø25(3/4″)

Protein Skimmer diagram

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