Tempest Waste Valve Assembly

Tempest Waste Valve Assembly

Tempest 3mm mounting bracket (pair)

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How do I clean my Tempest filter?
Follow the steps below to clean the Tempest filter: STEP 1: Switch pump off.STEP 2: Close all slide valves on inlet and outlet.STEP 3: Open the tap(s) on the waste valve assembly. Air enters the filter causing the filter media to move...
Why is the K Plus Media is not cleaning in my Tempest Filter?
1. Check the air valve is not blocked.2. Check the slide valves are fully closed.3. If the media is very dirty this may cause the pack to clump together.Multiple cleans should clear this.4. If the white end cap at the bottom of the filter is full of ...
Why is the K Plus Media is not agitating freely in my Tempest Filter?
It will take a few days before the media starts to behave as it should. During this time it is likely to clump together and not agitate freely during cleaning. This will only last a few days.
Why does waste water not drain when the tap on the waste valve assembly is open on my Tempest filter?
The white end cap at the bottom of the filter may be full of waste. It is possible to clear this by switching off the pump and unscrewing the waste valve assembly, allowing you to clear the blockage.
Why is the waste valve assembly is leaking on my Tempest?
Check the O-ring is seated correctly on the inside of the waste valve assembly.
Can the inside of the Tempest filter be cleaned?
The white end caps at the top and bottom of the filter are glued on. It is possible to unscrew the waste valve assembly at the bottom of the filter once the pump is turned off and the filter has been emptied during a cleaning cycle. This will allow you...
What parts come inside the box with the Tempest?
The Tempest arrives pre-filled with 7 litres of K+Media. You also receive the waste valve assembly, which simple screws onto the bottom of the filter, two slide valves and connection pipes which must be fitted using solvent weld adhesive to the inlet...
Can I install Tempest on a skimmer line with the return below water level?
The tempest can be installed with the return below the water line as it returns the water back to the pond under pressure. We would recommend fitting a one way valve between the filter and the pond so that it doesn’t syphon back from the pond when the...
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