evo-Aquarium UV - Replacement Ballast Box

evoUV Ballast Box (Aquarium)

16mm Aquarium 90 Degree evoUV Hosetails

16mm Aquarium 90 Degree evoUV Hosetails

Aquarium 90 Degree evoUV Hosetails

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Customer Questions
Is The Complete Liquid Plant Food safe for invertebrates?
Yes, it is safe to use with all invertebrates including snails and freshwater shrimp
How often should I use Complete Liquid Plant Food?
Directions are to dose daily, however weekly dosing calculations can be made, and still have great results with plants.
Will I benefit from using other fertilizers?
The Aquascaper plant food is classed as Complete, so includes macro and micro nutrients, and NPK. Dosage can be further increased for demanding situations. If individual dosing of elements is required instead, Evolution Aqua also distribute Aquaforest...
How are the levels set inside the Eazypod to allow for cleaning?
There is a standpipe installed with a slot that set the level, therefore no valves are required. And when the pump is switched off, there is sufficient water in the filter to allow for cleaning.
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