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Customer Questions
How do I replace the waste ball valve on my EazyPod
If you have one of the Mk1 EazyPods with a ball valve, you will need to buy a Single Union Ball Valve and a EazyPod Tank Connector.
Can an old EazyPod be adapted to take smaller K1 Micro?
Yes, 18 litres of K1 Micro can be used. No adaptations are necessary. K1 Micro offers increased surface area and may provide clearer water.
Can EazyPod be upgraded to automatic cleaning?
No, the EazyPod Automatic is configured differently and would have to be purchased separately.
Is EazyPod a complete filtration system? Will I need anything else?
EazyPod is a complete mechanical and biological filter, trapping debris and breaking down biological waste from fish. A basic EazyPod on its own is not supplied with a pump (to pump water to it from the pond,) or an airpump, to clean it. You’ll also ...
What is EazyPod Automatic?
EazyPod Automatic is an EazyPod which can automatically clean its own media. Available with or without UVC, EazyPod Automatic has a control box which can be set by the user to clean itself on a timer, as little or as often as they require. EazyPod Automatic...
Can EazyPod be run gravity-fed?
The EazyPod and EazyPod Air can be converted to gravity feed, there are instructions on how to do this in the EazyPod manual which can be downloaded here. The EazyPod Complete and Automatic EazyPods cannot be gravity fed.
Can EazyPod Automatic be gravity-fed?
No, it’s not possible to run EazyPod Automatic as a gravity fed filter. The Nexus 220 and 320 can be gravity fed with the addition of the Automatic upgrade
Media is escaping and being discharge to waste when cleaning my Eazypod
This can happen if the outer steel mesh is slightly out of position, this sometimes happens during transit, remove all of the media from the biological chamber (this will stop any media becoming trapped when you tap the mesh back into place), with a ...
I want to recess the EazyPod away from the pond. How do I do that?
EazyPod comes with a rubber connector which allows 4” rigid pipe to be fitted. Place the EazyPod where you want it away from the pond (the base of a pump-fed EazyPod must always be above surface of pond level, gravity fed installations the EazyPod should...
What size pump do I need for an EazyPod?
EazyPods are suitable for ponds up 10,000 litres, and we recommend that a pond is turned over once every two hours. A 5000lph pump (like a Bermuda Filter Force 5000,) would be perfect.
How can I extend the cleaning cycle from 6 minutes to up to 10 minutes on my Eazypod Auto?
You first need to remove cycle timer sticker and then increase the dial from 60 to 100 so that the cycle time would increase to 10 minutes from the original 6 minutes.
What are the air stones used for that come with an EazyPod Air / EazyPod Complete?
The air stones need to sit at the bottom of the pond to provide extra aeration. You use the supplied manifold to divert the air from the air pump, so air can be used to clean the EazyPod and also to aerate the pond via the air stones. This illustration...
What volume of water is send to waste in my Eazypod during a cleaning cycle?
Approx 80L of water is send to waste during each cleaning cycle.Please see the manual for more information.
I want to install the EazyPod on a gravity fed system, what height will the water level be?
The measurement on gravity fed Eazypods will be 555mm from the floor to the water level inside the EazyPod. Remember to remove the black inlet pipe and make the necessary changes to the filter as shown in the instructions, as the EazyPod will arrive ...
My K1 Micro stays on the surface of the water in my Eazypod and will not sink
The K1 Micro when brand new is buoyant and will want to float on the surface of the water. This is perfectly normal. As soon as fish have been added to the pond it takes the K1 Micro approximately 24 to 48 hours to absorb the water and become semibuoyant...
The K1 Micro doesn’t move well during the cleaning cycle
The air pump is either not powerful enough or there isn’t enough water in the EazyPod. Check all air fittings and line for leaks. Make sure you haven’t inadvertently added more K1 Micro than the 18 Litres.
The pond gets dirty after cleaning my Eazypod
Check that you have turned your circulating pump off, so that the dirt in the K1 Micro hasn’t returned to the pond.If the K1 Micro appears to bubble (boil) above the outlet water level during cleaning, some dirt may return back to the pond. This is not...
Too much maintenance, poor clarity, or EazyPod overflowing
Make sure that you haven’t exceeded the maximum flow rate. Please ensure that the EazyPod has gone through a minimum of 2 to 3 cleaning cycles.
There is no power/does not initiate cleaning mode to my Eazypod automatic control box.
Check the wiring is correctly installed. Seek advice from a suitably qualified electrician if in doubt. Check the mains connection to the control box. Check the connection at the mains power and check the wiring inside the control box. Seek advice...
EazyPod Automatic does not drain to waste
Check that the 1” ball valve on the EazyPod Automatic is in an open position. (You can check this by removing the union end from the waste valve) Is cleaning cycle fully operational. From initiating a cleaning cycle it will take 3 to 4 minutes before...
EazyPod Automatic does not close waste valve
You will find out that the circulation pump will not switch on and the green and amber light are both illuminated. Remove the unions from the waste valve and check for any blockages. Check the fuse inside the control box. This is located in the hinged...
Can you retro fit an Eazypod?
No, it is not possible to retrofit an Eazypod. You can however retrofit a Nexus.
Does the UV need to be switched off on my Eazypod during the cleaning cycle?
The UV stays on throughout the process and no harm comes to the UV or the unit.
Why is the media in my Eazypod sitting high up and water is flowing down the overflow channels?
This problem occurs when the media is very blocked and the water can’t flow through it easily. The filter needs to be cleaned, preferably at least twice to flush the dirt out. This problem may occur if the filter hasn’t been cleaned for a while or a...
How can I extend the draining time of my Eazypod Automatic?
To extend the time that the waste valve is open you can change the setting on one of dials on the timers inside the auto box. The bottom dial on the right hand timer is set at 30%, if you change that dial to 20% or 10% the waste valve will open sooner...
What does an evoUV do?
UV Clarifiers clear green water which is caused by single celled green algae and prevent it from returning.
Where do I install the evoUV?
Usually the UVC will be the first piece of equipment after the circulation pump. On a pump fed filtration system this means the UVC will be installed before the pond filter, and on a gravity fed filter after the circulation pump that returns the water...
What is the length of the power cable on an evoUV?
The length of the power cable for UK models is 2.2metres.
How often do I need to replace the lamp on an evoUV
We recommend changing the lamp at the beginning of each year.
What fittings are required to plumb the evoUV in?
The 15,25,30,55 and 75watt models come supplied with 1.5" hosetails, you can also hard plumb using 1.5" BSP male fittings. You can find these fittings at the following links single-union-threaded-male-to-plain-female converter-threaded-male-to-plain...
Do evouv's come with bulbs?
Yes, bulbs and quartz sleeves are included in the box when you purchase an evoUV
Are the bulbs and quartz sleeves pre-fitted on an evoUV?
No, we encourage the user to gain experience in fitting the UV bulb and quartz sleeve, as they will need to do it every year in the future when they replace old bulbs with new. There are fitting instructions included in the user manual.
What is an evouv quartz sleeve?
It’s a tube that looks like it’s made of glass, which separates the pond water running through the unit, from the bulb. It’s very delicate, like glass, and should be handled with extreme care. Quartz sleeves should be cleaned regularly to ensure that...
Why is there no plug on my evouv?
evoUV adheres to UK pond equipment laws, and requires that it is wired into a safe, compliant, outdoor electrical system, ideally with an RCD cut-off. If you are unsure, consult a qualified electrician.
What replacement bulbs should I buy for my evouv?
Evolution Aqua distribute and recommend Osram, a world leader in UVC technology. Obtain these from an authorised Evolution Aqua dealer.
Are evoUVs suitable for saltwater?
Yes, all The evoUV clarifiers are suitable for saltwater, the Aquarium UV Sterilizer is made specifically for marine aquariums and is available in 15 and 25watt versions with additional fittings for connection to typical aquarium circulation...
How do I set-up and install an evoUV?
You can follow the step by step instructions located in the manual below or you can watch our YouTube video here: evoUV ManualWatch how to install an evoUV:
My pond water is not clear, is this due to the evoUV not working correctly?
Koi, goldfish and other pond inhabitants can cause murky water by stirring up the bottom of the pond. This murky water should not be confused with suspended algae. Always check all your pond filtration is working and is being maintained correctly prior...
My UV Bulb is not lit on my evouv, what should I do?
You need to investigate the power to your unit. Has your RCD tripped? If yes, check your wiring and reset. Examine the UV bulb for signs of failure, and replace if necessary. Is the UV bulb fitted correctly? Unscrew the end caps and ensure correct...
My evouv appears to be leaking from the end fittings?
This could possibly be caused by an incorrectly fitted, damaged or overtightened O-Ring on the quartz sleeve. Please check the quartz sleeve O-Ring, reposition it or if necessary replace it with a new one. Follow the steps on page 14 in the manual to...
What size evoUV do I need for my pond?
For help choosing the correct UV that is suitable for your pond. Please see the table below.
Which side is the inlet and outlet on my evouv?
The inlet and outlet can be installed either left (Inlet) to right (Outlet) or right (Inlet) to left (Outlet).
What do I need to reduce a 110W evouv from 2" to 1.5"
If you intend to use flexible hose, you would need: 2 x 2-1.5’’ reducing bushes – EA Code: R81-063 2 x 1.5’’ pressure to waste sleeves – EA Code: M35-050 2 x 1.5’’ solvent hosetails – EA Code:HOSETAIL15If you intend to use pressure pipe, you would...
How do I change the ballast on a pre-2021 evouv?
To change the ballast on a pre-2021 evouv watch the video below for the step-by-step process.
How often should I change the UV bulb of my evoUV Steriliser on my aquarium?
For optimum sterilisation results change the bulb every six months.
Will using evoUV sertiliser make my fish completely disease free?
No. The evoUV can only ever be effective on the water borne life stage of some diseasepathogens. It is not effective on any disease which is already on the fish’s body and doesnot have a mobile, water borne life stage. evoUV can be effective at lowering...
Do I need to turn evoUV Steriliser off if combining with medications?
Yes, this is because the Ultra Violet light may degrade the medication being administered tothe water. Read the instructions provided with the medication and take the manufacturer’sadvice.
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