How do I mount Kessil Lights on my tank?

Kessil is famous in the aquatics industry for its gooseneck mounts. These are bendy, flexible mounting arms which can clamp to a tank rim in a number of ways, and then the light pointed to where it’s needed. For those who crave a neater solution, the Mounting Arm is a rigid, right angled mounting bracket which is length and height adjustable. It can also have the power and control cables routed internally, keeping them out of sight. Extra 90 degree adaptors and brackets are also available for both the Mounting Arm and Gooseneck, enabling even more options, and AP700, A160, A360 and A360X can all be used with the above mounting options, as well as being hung independently and not mounted to the tank. The A80 can be mounted inside a box style hood with supplied bracket, or comes with a free mini gooseneck in the UK. Apart from the A80, all mounting devices are available to purchase separately.

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