Frequently Asked Questions


Stop Blanketweed safe to use with all ornamental pond fish.

We recommend Stop Blanketweed is not used when frogs and newts are spawning.

Stop Blanketweed may occasionally turn pond water white and cloudy for a few days, but water will clear.

Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed is most effective in ponds with moving water, from a pump, filter, fountain or waterfall, and strong surface agitation, or aeration from an airpump and airstone is recommended.

UV clarifiers do not need to be turned off when using Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed

Dose the recommended amount of Stop Blanketweed once a week for four weeks, dose monthly after the initial application to maintain clear water.

If water temperature is below 8°, treatment efficiency is reduced. Stop Blanketweed will be more effective as temperatures rise.