Frequently Asked Questions


Filter Start Gel should be used to kick-start brand new filters, or existing filters which have changed to brand new biological media. Pour the gel directly over the media. Pure Pond is a maintenance product which can be used regularly on new and established ponds to help keep water clear, reduce sludge, and keep populations or beneficial bacteria high, and intact. Pure Pond Bomb is a concentrated single dose of bacteria and enzymes. It can be used regularly, or if increasing fish load, washing filter media or replacing bacteria after the use of medications.

Yes, Gel to start your filter, Bomb for rapid bacteria replacement, and Pure Pond for regular addition and maintenance.

Yes, but a Bomb is better to drop straight into the pond as it is a large, gel ball. Pure Pond is small, so if you have water movement and fish it will travel around the pond, when it is best in a filter bag, in your filter, where it is contained. Gel should always be poured over filter media.

Ravenous Koi carp may eat Pure Pond if you offer it to them as if you were feeding them. Pure is only made up of beneficial bacteria and gel, but fish eating it should be discouraged.

Yes, Pure Pond shrinks as bacteria is released, and a small bead about 5mm in diameter will remain. It is safe, and can be removed, or left in the filter with other biological media. Pure Pond may crack, split and shrink as all the bacteria leaves the ball, but any remaining residue from the gel ball is also safe to leave in the pond system, or remove for aesthetic reasons.

Yes, Pure is 100% safe for fish, amphibians, invertebrates, bathing birds, and mammals visiting the pond to drink. But wash hands after use, keep out of reach of children and don’t ingest it.

Every Evolution Aqua stockist will either have them in stock, or can order them in. Remember there are three sizes, and four spectrums, so 12 lights in all to choose from. Ask your dealer for eaLED.

Yes, Pure can be added to a wildlife pond or static water feature with no problems.

No, but the bacteria inside Pure is aerobic (oxygen demanding,) so adding far too much Pure may deplete a pond’s oxygen levels, unless sufficient water movement and aeration is in place.

If water temperature is below 10°, Pure is less effective. As Pure contains natural bacteria and enzymes it will be more effective as temperatures rise.