Detox Dechlorinators

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal is to install it vertically. This way it ensures that all water is evenly distributed. The units can be installed horizontally, but vertical mounting is best.

No, Detox should not be left outside in winter with water in it. It is likely to crack. Instead, drain the unit and store vertically in an ice free environment.

Yes, run the unit until the water is clear and free of dust and carbon particles.

The ideal is four litres per minute or less. Use a measuring jug, and make sure that it takes over 15 seconds to fill one litre. Any more and it is too much.

No, installing a tap after the unit is the number one cause of leaks and damaged units. Detox is tested to withstand average mains water pressure, but if a tap / ball valve is installed after the unit, pressure can build inside the unit.

Dechlorinator Installation Advice

Detox has been designed and tested for removing chlorine only, it will remove other impurities such as chloramine, bromine, malachite green, dyes, colours, humic acids, organics, proteins, antibiotics, hormones and ozone but the levels of removal have not been tested

Store it vertically and allow the water to drain away. Store in the dark to prevent algae growth.

The Detox comes with hose fittings to attach your Detox to standard hosepipe.

To hard plumb the Detox you require a ¾" single union female threaded to plain female connector and suitable pipe, we would suggest using some PTFE tape to ensure a water tight seal.

We would recommend using our 4" Pipe Clips. They are available to purchase from our parts store: