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FAQS Airpumps

If the pump is situated below the water level, it must have a non-return valve fitted to stop water siphoning back into the pump if there is a power cut.

The diaphragm may need replacing, we recommended these are replaced annually. View diaphragm kits

The airpumps are weather proof and can be used outside, they are not waterproof so do not situate in a position where they are likely to be flooded

All the parts in the air pump can be replaced, if you have replaced the diaphragm kit and you pump still does not work it may be the electro-magnet. View electro-magnets

The airpump is mounted to the base on rubber grommets, it is possible one of these has come out. Please refer to the manual and check the exploded diagram on page eleven, you will need a screwdriver and a pair of pliers to repair.

Airpump Manual

Airpump Manual

AIrpump Spares

Airpump Spares