EA Silkworm Pupae

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EA Silkworm Pupae
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High quality food for rapid growth and excellent colour

High in unprocessed natural protein which is easily digested

Silkworm Pupae

Carefully selected and dried to retain all the goodness with no additives or preservatives added. Rich in proteins this natural food not only increases growth rate but also enhances colour. Feed as a daily treat or as a powerfood at a rate of 30% of total food volume. Do noy use below temperatures of 15°C/59°F due to high protein and fat content. Put the pupae in warm water for half an hour before use to aid digestion further.

  • Protein    41%
  • Fat        18.8%
  • Fibre       2.2%
  • Ash         5.4%
  • Moisture 6.4%
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