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Perfect Dry Pond Pumps


Perfect pumps are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality and standards. Representing excellent value for money the pumps are robust and extremely reliable. Specially designed for use in ponds and filters, the pumps can also be used for dry installation on gravity fed systems and swimming ponds.

  Silent running, low wattage
  Thermal overload protection
  High quality ceramic bearings and shaft
  Quick and easy cleaning



  Pump motor designed for continuous operation.
  Ceramic bearings and shaft without seals give longevity.
  High hydraulic efficiency means the pumps give optimal     outputs.
  Capable of large delivery volumes with low power     consumption.
  Asynchronous motor gives quiet smooth running.
  1 1/2" BSP threaded inlets and outlets for easy dry     mounting.
  Built-in thermal overload protection with auto-restart     gives safety if motor overheats.
  All internal electrical connections are sealed in resin for     safety.
  Impellor housing can be dismantled for cleaning if     required.
  High quality functional pump cage with large surface
  Specially designed impellor allows the pumps to handle     solids up to 8mm diameter.
  Supplied with hose-fittings, 10m cable and impellor     housing key.

The Perfect 13000 and 16000 models have an adjustable multi-function fitting for additional suction options such as a surface skimmer.

Instruction Manual - Click on the link below to downloadPERFECT DRY PUMP MANUAL




Perfect Dry 5000 PumpPerfect Dry 5000 Pump

Ref: GB00212

Price: 274.95 (Including VAT)


Perfect Dry 9000 PumpPerfect Dry 9000 Pump

Ref: GB00213
Price: £325.00 (Incuding VAT)

Price: 379.95 (Including VAT)


Perfect Dry 15000 PumpPerfect Dry 15000 Pump

Ref: GB00214

Price: 489.95 (Including VAT)


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