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Introducing the Evolution Aqua eaProPump range

We have launched a new range of five new external pond pumps pumps; eaProPump 8000, eaProPump 10000, eaProPump 12000, eaProPump 16000 and eaProPump 21000. Every pump is fully marinised and has been manufactured for maximum reliability, efficiency and performance. Each pump features an adjustable wet end, meaning the 2" outlet can be placed in five different positions for easy connection to existing rigid pipework.

- 5 new in-line external pump models

- Designed for maximum strength, durability and long life

- Low energy consumption motor

- Noryl impellor for reliable operation

- Very quiet operating pump

- Adjustable wet end

- Salt water seal

- IPX5 Rated

- Threaded 2" inlet and outlets for easy connection to pipework

- Drain down plugs

- 2m power cable

- 2 Year Warranty (excludes seal and capacitor)

Built for maximum reliability and performance, with low power consumption

The design of the adjustable wet end makes the pump very quiet during operation, and the Noryl impellor provides maximum strength and durability. eaProPump motors deliver optimum performance while still being very low on energy consumption.

Pump curves

See below for the pump curves of each pump:



Installation Manual

Click here to download the eaProPump installation manual.

Strainer baskets now available for eaProPumps

Click here to download the strainer basket instruction manual.


Ref: PP8000

Price: 415.00 (Including VAT)


Ref: PP10000

Price: 445.00 (Including VAT)


Ref: PP12000

Price: 465.00 (Including VAT)


Ref: PP16000

Price: 599.00 (Including VAT)


Ref: PP21000

Price: 625.00 (Including VAT)

Strainer Basket for eaProPumpStrainer Basket for eaProPump

Ref: PPS
Strainer basket for use with eaProPump. Click on image to see instruction manual.

Price: 89.95 (Including VAT)


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